Systemic Risk

Moroccan farmer overlooking his heard of sheep on his fields.
Climate risks need to be understood in terms of their interaction with social, political and environmental vulnerabilities on the ground.
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Researchers asked a range of experts to describe key threats to global food security over the next two decades and to suggest key research questions and gaps to identify priority food security risks and research opportunities.
Bangkok residents wade floods after heavy rains left the city inundated
This session aims to be forum for studies on climate change related systemic risks, multi-hazards and multi-vulnerabilities, modeling the natural and human Earth system, modeling of socio-economic impacts, approaches to resilience and adaptation.
Traffic grows heavy on a Mumbai road after a landslide blocks lanes
This session focuses on concurrent, compounding, consecutive and cascading events and their impacts.
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This brochure aims to raise awareness of Natech risks and the challenges associated with their management. Using examples, it highlights key characteristics of Natech accidents, and gaps and challenges in analysing and managing Natech risks.
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Verisk Maplecroft's geospatial risk data and analysis brings to life key emerging trends to enable companies, investors, and governments able to see the big picture, and act on it, will be best placed to deal with an increasingly uncertain future.
A parent accompanies three children amidst heavy rains in Mumbai, India
As the extreme weather events the world is already experiencing become more frequent, they will trigger a cascade of these second-order climate risks across a huge swathe of countries.
A cargo ship traverses rough seas off the coast of Shanghai
Much of the world's agricultural trade must passage through one or more maritime chokepoints. How might events relating to climate change disrupt such crucial trade arteries, and how might the impacts cascade globally and into Europe in particular?