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Demolition of silos.
Disasters unfold across national boundaries, involving a range of interrelated hazards and complex dynamics. To tackle disaster risks and build resilience, it will require a united effort to move beyond working in silos.
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The economy of a country is exposed to disruptions caused by natural and man-made disasters. This study presents a set of probabilistic risk indicators, considering the induced damage and frequency of occurrence of earthquakes, using the example of Chile.
Reconstruction work in Nepal, after the 2015 earthquake
The Indo-Pacific region is particularly vulnerable. According to the IPCC, Asia and the Pacific Islands will experience increasingly frequent and intense disasters, with grave impacts on the socioeconomic development of the region's 4.3 billion people.
PDRF emergency control centre
As disasters multiply and systemic risks increase, the imperative is to connect across sectors and geographies and foster partnerships so that our “new normal” enables resilience and sustainable development for all.
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This contributing paper explores the role and the contribution of the public and private sectors in the (re)production and accumulation of disaster risks from a disaster capitalism optic.
Local leaders forum at the GP2022 on 23 May 2022 in Bali, Indonesia.
Local governments play an essential role in disaster risk reduction and building resilience. At UNDRR’s 2022 Global Platform, the Local Leaders Forum opened a productive discussion on important issues around disaster resilience at city and district level.
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This contributing paper proposes a new typology of an adaptation strategy – conversion strategy – as a countermeasure to manage risks in interconnected supply chains in the private sector during the pandemic.
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This contributing paper assesses how private, public, and plural sector stakeholders can invest in joint platforms (SpaceForms) that foster creative solutions for systemic risks and hone their collective intelligence. 
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This contributing paper delves into the impact of a tsunami and the COVID-19 pandemic on the coastal tourism sector in Pandeglang Regency (Banten Province) in Indonesia.
This report aims to assist supervisory and regulatory authorities in developing their approaches to monitor, manage and mitigate risks arising from climate change and to promote consistent approaches across sectors and jurisdictions.