Insurance & Risk Transfer

Young Ghana woman watering her land with newly planted fields in Ghana (2020).
An updated insurance programme pays out when harvests come up short, stopping farmers from falling into poverty due to drought or heavy rains
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
World Health Organization
United Nations Environment Programme
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This roadmap is aimed at preparing the ground for implementing risk-transfer solutions within an integrated flood-risk management approach for municipalities of GAMA (Greater Accra Metropolitan Area) in Ghana.
Developing an appropriate insurance product is vital in coping with flood risk damages in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana.
Pedestrians cross a snow-covered street during a blizzard in New York
Many of the weather catastrophes fit in with the expected consequences of climate change, making greater loss preparedness and climate protection a matter of urgency.
Start Network has today announced the purchase of an innovative insurance policy in partnership with African Risk Capacity (ARC) and the Government of Zimbabwe.
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The purpose of this report is to provide technical advice around the funding of the Start Financing Facility. In particular, by providing a theoretical illustration of the financial implications of pooling a number of risks into a central risk pool.
The ongoing policy discussions about climate change resilience and the role of prevention and insurance, including the recent blog by Matthew Kahn and Somik Lall, reminded me of the 1985 science fiction movie “Back to the Future".
Mercy Corps Ventures, the venture capital arm of Mercy Corps, invests in startups building climate resilience and financial resilience for communities across the world. We’ve supported 30+ ventures to scale and raise over $100 million in follow-on capital.
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This report examines the alternative options that may be available to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) when funding its Early Action Protocols (EAPs) through the Forecast-based Action by the DREF.