Information Management

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As part of our organisational growth plan, we are looking for an exceptional candidate to support the Centre to achieve its mission and goals through strategic communications.
International Community on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management
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The Guide introduces theoretical and practical methods for using systems engineering to deploy information management systems that support mine action, peace monitoring, disaster risk reduction and other humanitarian initiatives.
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Creating, sustaining, and increasing adoption of impact databases with sufficient quality faces significant challenges. Digital media mining may be useful to complement existing databases.
Spread the word on social media with our Global Platform social media kit on Trello. Along social cards, banners and videos, the toolkit features a series of editable templates to help you promote your participation in the Global Platform.
When insurers talk about risk, it often seems abstract. That is especially true when it comes to systemic risks - those risks that disrupt entire economies. But in the past two years we've experienced systemic risks in very real and challenging ways.
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SERVIR-Mekong seeks qualified individuals or firms to help us develop those web-based and mobile applications for air quality monitoring and landslide monitoring.
Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities
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The primary purpose of this assignment is to support the program team in process documentation and capturing the success of programs of APP, SIPERE, and PEER programs under the PRR department.
As urban areas increase, so does urban runoff, directly impacting surface water quality and storage. We know the lakes and rivers in and around urban environments contain plastic debris, detergents, pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.