The state's new budget includes historic funding for flood resilience. Leaders at the local and state level are looking to projects and designs that harness the ability of nature to absorb and capture stormwater.
Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure
Fire fighting helicopter carries a water bucket over wildfires
Dealing with complex systemic risks means getting used to uncertainty – and innovative approaches to explaining and acting on that uncertainty can have a useful role to play in informing decision-making.
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This checklist is a companion tool to the Words into Action Guideline Disaster Displacement: How to Reduce Risk, Address Impacts and Strengthen Resilience (Words into Action on Disaster Displacement) .Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.
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This Regional Action Plan works towards a concerted regional approach to supporting countries in their efforts to build whole-of-society resilience, reduce disaster risk and impacts, and contribute to the well-being of our societies.
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Under the theme of 'Building Resilient Economies in the Americas and the Caribbean', the ministers and heads of delegation gathered at the fourth high-level meeting of ministers and authorities put forward this declaration.
From floodplain identification to flood hazard map to availability of rain gauges, CAG report points out shortcomings in Kerala’s flood response.
The Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund is supporting farmers and regions in Queensland with two programs rolling out now will help give farmers and regional communities the tools and capabilities they need to build drought resilience.
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This document sets out an overview of international commitments relevant to improving gender-smart Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance (CDRFI) solutions as a starting point to advance global learning on the theme.
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This is the outcome of the virtual workshop series on developing a research and policy agenda for addressing displacement and migration in the context of disasters and climate change in Africa (April-July 2021).