Fragility and conflict

GRID 2022  The Global Report on Internal Displacement
IDMC's Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID) is the world’s leading source of data and analysis on internal displacement. The 2022 edition includes a special focus on internally displaced children and youth.
GRID 2022
The number of people living in internal displacement around the world reached a record 59.1 million at the end of 2021, up from 55 million a year earlier.
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This contributing paper analyses systemic risk and compound vulnerabilities, by highlighting a case study to help decision-makers formulate effective strategies to address the nature of systemic risks in their societies.
The Climate Security-Mobility Nexus: Impact Pathways and Research Priorities
This paper combines a qualitative literature review with a quantitative portfolio analysis to identify key impact pathways of the climate security-mobility nexus and formulate recommendations for future research and policy interventions.
In this episode of the podcast Fixing Aid, host Alae Ismail explores if aid responses could be improved if the forced displacements of the future were more accurately predicted.
As statistics show an acute upswing in the number of global conflicts involving water, urban planning experts and alarmed policy-makers are devising ways to protect citizens from the harms of too little water—as well as too much.
Scientists are worried that wildfires might burn out of control in Siberia while the Russian military units that normally keep them in check are dispatched to Ukraine.
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This paper projects four “climate security scenarios” for the region to tease out key issues and inform future decision-making. Focusing on these provides an entry to making further diplomatic, defense, development and investment choices.
The Center for Climate and Security convened science, politics and security experts to tease out cascading threats that climate change poses in the region. The input informed four future scenarios for the countries bordering the South and East China Seas.
29 Mar 2022
These educational videos are meant to summarize the key actions governments and stakeholders can take to reduce disaster displacement. The videos, available in English, Tagalog, Bahasa, and Tetum.