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Today last year became the 3rd driest year on record for northern California, in terms of precipitation. Should people anticipate a dry or a wet year overall for water year 2022?
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This short review focuses on climate-resilient agriculture or climate-smart agriculture (CSA) as it relates to decisions made at the farm level.
A two-year drought is forcing California to “dramatically curtail water delivery next year” to 27 million of the state’s residents and 750,000 acres/300,000 hectares of farmland, Bloomberg reports.
The GEOGLAM Crop Monitor for Early Warning (CM4EW) is an international and transparent multi-source, consensus assessment of the crop growing conditions, status, and agro-climatic conditions that are likely to impact global production.
A man brings food aid packs out of a warehouse in Gambela, Ethiopia
Extreme weather, rising seas and hotter temperatures are increasingly affecting farmers and their harvests. What needs to change - and what could help?
The Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund is supporting farmers and regions in Queensland with two programs rolling out now will help give farmers and regional communities the tools and capabilities they need to build drought resilience.
Widespread poverty, lack of irrigation, deforestation and COVID-19 restrictions are having a bigger effect than global warming, scientists say.
This image shows cows on flooded farmland.
When an atmospheric river hit British Columbia in mid-November, it unleashed record-breaking rainfall triggering devastating floods and mudslides. The provincial government declared a state of emergency on Nov. 17, activating evacuation orders for several communities.
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ADPC is aiming to establish positions for Regional Experts that provide an advisory and mentoring role to the sectoral teams and Project Implementation Unit (PIU) of ADPC based at the regional level in Bangkok, Thailand.
Mainstream and modern communications channels are being used to provide millions of Ethiopian farmers with vital climate information and agro-advisory services.