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A teacher and schoolchildren plant seedlings in Kediri, Indonesia
The program focuses on enhancing community capacity to prevent and mitigate peatland fires, combined with efforts to restore peatland hydrology – by rewetting, replanting native tree species and gradually phasing-out the palm oil palms.
International Institute for Sustainable Development, CSU
Forest fuels reduction projects remain the best tools for mitigating wildfire impacts under a changing climate, and not nearly enough of them are being done.
This framework establishes a long-term vision for adaptation, which recognises the need for a systemic approach and acknowledges the interdependency between a stable climate and the maintenance of ecosystem services.
Coverpage of "Ecological Threat Report 2021"
The Ecological Threat Report combines ecological threats and societal resilience to forecast major falls in peace. It measures resource scarcity, natural disaster and temperature rise and the ecological threat.
Marsh landscape in Spain
Are you affected by natural hazards such as floods, droughts, landslides, or heat waves? Are you involved in the co-creation of Nature-based Solutions to reduce these risks? Share your story and become a part of the global NBS community!
Forests help us in many ways. They preserve biodiversity, combat climate change, and even protect us from floods. However, quantifying the value of these benefits has been a challenge for many years.
Ha Noi, Viet Nam
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ICEM – International Centre for Environmental Management is an award-winning independent technical service centre that assists government, private sector and communities to define and implement policies for sustainable development.

Portrait of senior Filipino woman of Ifugao mountain tribes in Banaue village, north Luzon, Philippines
Almost eight years after Typhoon Haiyan barreled into Busuanga Island in the western Philippines, the lesson it left is still etched in the mind of the Indigenous women in the village of Quezon on Busuanga’s northern coast.