Economics of DRR

woman collecting water in the parched wetlands of the Central Marshes of southern Iraq
Conflict, water shortages, and economic crisis have wiped out jobs, ruined crops and left millions of Afghans in humanitarian need.
Elder woman works in coffee farm in Tanzania
The InsuResilience Centre of Excellence is establishing a Technical Advisory Facility with the goal to support and scale up the practical application of knowledge resource on gender-smart CDRFI solutions.
Malawi National Disaster Recovery Framework Report 2015. Volume 1
This Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) is conducted by the Government of Malawi with technical and financial support from the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and the World Bank (WB) following the floods in 2015.
A woman protects herself from the hot sun in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Following successive heatwaves and wildfires across Europe, the head of the European Space Agency (ESA) has warned economic damage from extreme weather could dwarf Europe's energy crisis.
How temperature dynamics affect the economy is key to understanding the impact of climate change on monetary policy.
DesInventar: Disaster Information Management System
The Disaster Information Management System is a tool that helps to analyze the disaster trends and their impacts in a systematic manner. It helps an institution systematically collect, document and analyse data about losses caused by natural hazards.
Women farmer in South Africa
The COP27 Africa Hub welcomes all interested individuals, initiatives, and organisations involved in adaptation and resilience in Africa to submit session proposals for virtual events.
What kinds of financial and economic benefits would political entities be able to sustain if there were more investments in appropriate DRR strategies? ESG investing helps shift the mindset from a short-term perspective on disaster impact.
Cover and title of publication
This study analyses the present and future economic damages due to reduced labour productivity caused by extreme heat in Europe.
Flooded street and house in Eastern South Africa
As climate change accelerates the devastation of disaster in populated environments, government leaders across the world are figuring out how to best mitigate these impacts before they happen.