Climate Change

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This article reviews current knowledge of the influences of climate change on five different extreme weather hazards, impacts of recent extreme weather events of each type, and thus the degree to which various impacts are attributable to climate change.
Cover of the report: aerial view of a flooded river and houses
The following report explores how C40 cities are set to see an increase in the different types of flooding that occur in urban areas and what this means for people and public funds, and how cities are working hard to keep their populations water safe.
Cyclists driving through flooded streets in Pekalongan, Indonesia (2021)
How can leaders address the interconnected risks that climate change, rapid urban growth and fragility pose to human security in cities?
Assam is experiencing devastating floods. But large parts of the state were recently stricken by drought. It took just a week for the situation to change from drought to deluge, a classic case of how climate change is exacerbating extreme weather events.
Insurance from WFP helps families to buy food, meet their immediate needs and rebuild their lives
A satellite image of a cyclone shot from space.
The annual number of tropical cyclones forming globally decreased by about 13% during the 20th century compared to the 19th, according to research published today in Nature Climate Change.
A new synthesis report from the NAP Global Network highlights how developing countries continue to make progress in applying gender-responsive approaches to their national adaptation planning and actions to build resilience to climate change impacts.
Gender-responsive climate action: progress in national adaptation planning
This report demonstrates the potential of NAP processes as a mechanism for ensuring that climate action addresses gender and social inequalities.
The winner of the World Meteorological Organization’s most prestigious award has called for an international centre for climate modelling and prediction, saying that this is vital for leveraging scarce financial and human resources.
Stormy sky above Mexico City
When a severe hailstorm hit Mexico’s capital last week, citizens began to wonder whether climate change could be the cause. But is that the right question to ask?