A group of Tour de France cyclists battling
The cancellation of the Manitoba Marathon due to extreme heat may provide a case study for athletic event management in extreme weather.
An old packhorse bridge strides a drought-stricken river in West Yorkshire, England
The UK had the driest start to a year since the 1970s in 2022, as large parts of southern England receiving less than 50% of their normal winter rainfall. Southern England also received just 17% of its average rainfall for July, the driest since 1935.
An farmer crosses his field on a tractor in Cabinda, Angola
Three years after a severe drought in southwestern Angola, people in the area continue to suffer. Hunger remains pervasive and they are still losing livestock. A report set out factors that made the impact of the drought worse.
A cyclist rides past a destroyed car dealership in the aftermath of the 1994 Northridge earthquake
Oregon State University researchers developed a model to predict the resilience of local and regional infrastructure networks and the recovery time for impacted communities following a massive earthquake and tsunami in the Cascadia Subduction Zone.
Turkana women from Kenya look at images and video
Young volunteers in the east African nation are spreading the word about extreme weather such as drought as climate change worsens.
An elderly vendor in Bangkok, Thailand takes a nap
Excessively hot nights caused by climate change are predicted to increase the mortality rate around the world by up to 60% by century's end, according to a new international study featuring research from the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health.
A doctor goes about in an infectious diseases ward set up in New Delhi, India at the height of COVID-19
With climate change influencing more than 1,000 transmission pathways and climate hazards increasingly globally, the world will need to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change to reduce disease risks.
This image shows dead trees that were destroyed by a forest fire and are now covered with frost and rain.
A new study uses data from the ECOSTRESS instrument aboard the space station to better understand why some parts of a wildfire burn more intensely than others.
Satellite view of the wildfires in a field
Scientists have developed a new machine learning model that uses social media data to predict and monitor wildfires more accurately in real-time.
The walls of Bagerhat's sixty dome mosque are smudged white by the saline air
Archaeological sites such as those in the Mosque City of Bagerhat on the coast of the country are particularly vulnerable to climate change.