Smartphone receives warning
ShakeAlert depends on a massive network of seismic detectors distributed around the West Coast that pick up initial earthquake shaking.
Disabled person on a wheelchair
Leaving people with disabilities out of the planning process robs them of a voice and everyone else of their expertise.
People in a street in Hong Kong
Though money by itself is never enough—and financial resilience needs to be complemented by physical and social resilience—reliable and quick financing is necessary for effective disaster response.
Two women in a slum in Asia.
Women who make goods like clothing and street food in slum homes are producing less amid baking temperatures and floods, hurting their fragile livelihoods, a survey finds
Two beavers in the water
It’s no accident that both the MIT and the California Institute of Technology claim the beaver (Castor canadensis) as their mascots. Renowned engineers, beavers seem able to dam any stream, building structures with logs and mud that can flood large areas.
Crowds pass by a fountain during a hot day in Krakow, Poland
The fact 2021 was among the world’s hottest years despite cooling forces shows just how strong the long-term warming trend is. Indeed, 2021 may well be the coldest year to be experienced ever again.
A thunderstorm rolls over the Great Plains
Climate modeling predicts that conditions conducive to severe thunderstorms will arise more often as Earth warms.
This image shows a mosquito sitting on human skin.
The winner of the €5 million EIC Horizon Prize on Early Warning for Epidemics is Greece-based project EarlY WArning System for Mosquito-borne Diseases (EYWA).
Earth surface in medicine mask to fight against Corona virus. Concept of fighting epidemic and climate change.
Given the significant number of cities affected by disasters such as floods, landslides and drought in the South and Southeast, the study focused on these regions and selected 45 cities in seven metropolitan areas affected by disasters in recent years
Wetland park in Haikou, Hainan (China)
Cohesive, cross-sectoral strategies can promote nature-based solutions for climate security, socioeconomic development, and eco-sustainability.