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Explore the latest News and Announcements on disaster risk and resilience in the news, and news from the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community and beyond on the PreventionWeb knowledge base.

News & Announcements
Disaster risk and resilience in the news, and news from the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community and beyond.
Smartphone receives warning
ShakeAlert depends on a massive network of seismic detectors distributed around the West Coast that pick up initial earthquake shaking.
Conversation Media Group, the
Welthungerhilfe started its first Forecast-based Action (FbA) intervention in the face of an imminent drought in the North of Madagascar.
Anticipation Hub
Disabled person on a wheelchair
Leaving people with disabilities out of the planning process robs them of a voice and everyone else of their expertise.
Natural Hazards Center
In recent years, Mozambique has made significant advances in anticipating the occurrence of drought. These have been achieved through adopting a forward-looking approach and the integration of multisector actors, including social protection actors.
Anticipation Hub
Footage from the 2018 Anchorage earthquake shows that people react differently in public and private spaces.
People in a street in Hong Kong
Though money by itself is never enough—and financial resilience needs to be complemented by physical and social resilience—reliable and quick financing is necessary for effective disaster response.
World Bank, the
Recent research found 5.8 per cent of people with disabilities sustained injuries, versus 2.4 per cent non-disabled people indicating that people living with disabilities were 2.45 times more likely to have been injured during Cyclone Pam.
Two women in a slum in Asia.
Women who make goods like clothing and street food in slum homes are producing less amid baking temperatures and floods, hurting their fragile livelihoods, a survey finds
Thomson Reuters Foundation,