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This guidebook has been prepared to assist Malaysian local governments in preparing coherent and effective Climate Action Plans.
European Commission Joint Research Centre
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20 May 2022
India and Pakistan are experiencing a record-shattering heatwave with temperatures exceeding 45℃ in many areas, leading to critical electricity and water shortages. In addition, the heatwave demonstrates the need for heat action plans.
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A real-time attribution study was conducted during the heatwave that affected large parts of North India and Pakistan in April-May 2022. The analysis was produced with a system developed in Hadley Centre for the attribution of extremes in near-real time.
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Such a sea-level rise could have major consequences for the millions of people living along the Indian coastline.
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This year’s wildfires, compounded by a record-breaking heatwave, is leading to a spike in respiratory diseases among mountain communities
The Third Pole
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Poor households headed by women spend a higher share of their budgets on protecting their families from worsening floods, storms and other impacts of global warming
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The Japan Meteorological Agency will start releasing forecast information about linear rainbands, called “senjo kosuitai,” from June that could give the public major flooding warnings. “Once linear rainbands occur, they will likely lead to a disaster."
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The climate emergency has made heat waves in northwest Pakistan and India 100 times more likely. Researchers, scientists, and ordinary Pakistanis struggle to cope with their third heat wave this year, and little has been done to mitigate the impacts.
The New Humanitarian
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This study assesses the percentage of climate expenditure as a share of household income and expenditure in climate-vulnerable regions of Bangladesh, based on primary data. In particular, it investigates adaptation expenditure by rural households.
International Institute for Environment and Development Kingston University London United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters
Sightseers and locals in the rain on Sat morning Oct 12, Typhoon Hagibis due to hit hard later in the day.
New study calculates how much of the damage of individual extreme weather events can be attributed to human-caused climate change.
Imperial College London