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Welthungerhilfe started its first Forecast-based Action (FbA) intervention in the face of an imminent drought in the North of Madagascar.
Anticipation Hub
In recent years, Mozambique has made significant advances in anticipating the occurrence of drought. These have been achieved through adopting a forward-looking approach and the integration of multisector actors, including social protection actors.
Anticipation Hub
policy brief: Ethiopia risk sensitive budget review cover
In compliance with target F and Additional Target 2 and Additional Target 3, the report provides information on the estimated amount of national DRR and CCA expenditures from both internal and external sources.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa
If a humanitarian crisis could be prevented or mitigated by acting ahead of the shock causing it, what signals would be needed to understand when anticipatory action should be taken?
Centre for Humanitarian Data
Young Ghana woman watering her land with newly planted fields in Ghana (2020).
An updated insurance programme pays out when harvests come up short, stopping farmers from falling into poverty due to drought or heavy rains
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
Handbook on Recovery Institutions
This guidebook is a planning tool for practitioners and policymakers who need to design, manage and assess recovery following a disaster. It describes institutional options, successful characteristics and management lessons based on real-world experience with disaster recovery operations.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters
This is the coverpage.
The Allianz Risk Barometer is an annual survey and report that highlights the most important risks for companies the year ahead, based on the insight of 2,650 risk management experts from 89 countries and territories.
Allianz Group, Allianz SE
Drought in the Horn of Africa - Rapid response and mitigation plan to avert a humanitarian catastrophe
This report describes the activities that should be prioritized from recent Humanitarian Response Plans in order to save the livelihoods and lives of 1.5 million rural people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia who are facing another La Niña‑induced drought.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters
The experience of community members in Thiès-Nord, an urban, flood-prone, area in Senegal where Practical Action works as part of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, makes a strong case for investing in flood resilience.
Flood Resilience Portal
Women harvest coffee near Lake Kivu, Rwanda
An innovative contingent finance and response mechanism can safeguard the farmers’ investment contributions and ensure that they have resources available to restart production in case of extreme weather events.
World Bank, the