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This guidebook has been prepared to assist Malaysian local governments in preparing coherent and effective Climate Action Plans.
European Commission Joint Research Centre
A boat filled with people who are being rescued from the floods in Malaysia.
Widespread flooding across Malaysia starting late last year shocked urban residents, with green groups urging a new approach as climate change impacts become more severe
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
Residents living near slopes or hilly areas need to be exposed to knowledge and ways to to identify early landslide indications in their housing areas to reduce the risk of fatalities.
Malaysian Reserve, the
Torrential rain has caused severe flooding that killed at least 48 people in Malaysia, prompting calls for the government to improve its preparedness to extreme weather events.
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
ASEAN State of Climate Change Report
The ASEAN State of Climate Change Report (ASCCR) provides an overall outlook of the state of play of climate change issues in the ASEAN region.
Association of South East Asian Nations
This collection of inspiring women are finalists for the Women’s International Network for Disaster Risk Reduction Leadership Awards.
Like most neighbouring Southeast Asian countries, Malaysia remains vulnerable to floods, landslides, haze, and water pollution.
Climate Adaptation Platform
Malaysia remains vulnerable to the threat of COVID-19, floods, landslides, haze and water pollution.
The Asean Post
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This document aims to succinctly summarize the climate risks faced by Malaysia.
World Bank, the Asian Development Bank
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By using the health belief model (HBM), this study aims to examine the effectiveness of HBM on the flood-risk reduction (FRR) educational intervention by looking into the perceived susceptibility, severity, benefit and self-efficacy among elementary

Jàmbá Journal of Disaster Risk Studies