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Drought in the Horn of Africa - Rapid response and mitigation plan to avert a humanitarian catastrophe
This report describes the activities that should be prioritized from recent Humanitarian Response Plans in order to save the livelihoods and lives of 1.5 million rural people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia who are facing another La Niña‑induced drought.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters
The catastrophic mudflow destroyed a road between national parks Manyara and Ngorongoro. Car traffic was restored on the same day in Tanzania
A new report by PlanAdapt explores how the cities of Cape Town, Durban, Mombasa and Nairobi are rising to the challenge of urban flooding, and how their work can inspire others.
Climate and Development Knowledge Network
Drought patterns that are becoming more frequent and persistent as a result of climate change are reducing animal herds and exacerbating poverty in Kenya’s arid and semi-arid regions.
Disaster Risk Reduction Network of African Journalists
FAO Sub-Saharan Africa - Strengthening resilience
This publication highlights how FAO is working with partners and governments to strengthen the ability of communities in sub-Saharan Africa and food systems to withstand and rapidly recover from crises.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - Headquarters
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The publication highlights key lessons from the implementation of community-based climate adaptation initiatives in urban slums.
Cities Alliance
Assessing vulnerabilities to disaster displacement A good practice review
This paper reviews current practice for analysing and assessing disaster displacement risks and presents recommendations on how to effectively integrate a detailed vulnerability analysis to improve operational decision making.
International Institute for Environment and Development United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa
Deaths of starving cattle on dry Masai land in Kenya
Praying desperately for rain and preparing determinedly for the next deluge: two poles in Kenya’s deepening battle with the climate crisis.
The Energy Mix
Kisumu has offered to be a training ground for other African cities due to its pioneering role in disaster risk reduction, which is thanks in part to great civic participation in preventive strategies and the Making Cities Sustainable and Resilient Initiative.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
7th High-level Meeting for DRR
On 19 November 2021, the Seventh High-level Meeting for Disaster Risk Reduction was held in Nairobi, Kenya in hybrid format. Ministers and Delegates from Member States in Africa adopted the Nairobi Declaration and the matrix of the Programme of Action for the implementation of Sendai Framework in Africa (2021-2025). These were the main outcomes of the Eighth Africa Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (AfRP) that was held from 16-18 November.
Kenya - government Intergovernmental Authority on Development African Union Commission United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa
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This paper aims to provide an introduction to Weather and Climate Information Services (WCIS) in relation to the health sector in Kenya.
Overseas Development Institute NIRAS