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This assessment describes seven important climatic impact drivers for Ethiopia, with a special focus on the regions Afar; Amhara; Oromia; Southern Nations, Nationalities, And Peoples´ Region (SNNP) and Tigray.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research HFFA Research
Women and children walking through the desert of Kenya looking for water.
The World Food Programme urgently needs US$437 million to respond and save lives in the region over the next six months
World Food Programme
Innovative vegetation-index crop insurance for smallholder farmers combined with cloud micro-insurance
InsuResilience Solutions Fund
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This is an in depth analysis of the policy enabling environment for early action in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is exposed to numerous hazards including droughts, floods, volcanoes, and earthquakes desert locust, and intercommunal and now large-scale conflict.
Risk-informed Early Action Partnership
Pastoralists, Kenya
Index-based livestock insurance (IBLI) can protect livestock keepers from drought-related asset losses. This safety-net mechanism was developed in response to increasingly severe and frequent droughts in East Africa.
International Livestock Research Institute
The increasing threat of climate change highlights the importance of reusable, efficient energy sources and power grid resilience. The emerging technology of microgrids offers a competitive, practical, and decentralized option.
Climatelinks United States Agency for International Development
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This study assesses the potential downstream impacts in the event of a flood due to failure, either structural or operational, of the Grand Ethiopian renaissance dam (GERD). Two failure scenarios were modeled as part of this study.
Journal of Flood Risk Management (Wiley)
tour of  AUC sitroom
On 28 February 2022, the official handover ceremony for the Africa Multi-hazard Early Warning and Early Action System (AMHEWAS) Situation Room for Disaster Risk Reduction took place
African Union Commission Italian Agency for Development Cooperation Centro Internazionale in Monitoraggio Ambientale United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Africa
For climate scientists reviewing a Pacific Ocean temperature forecast map in November, a bright red, sideways "V", thousands of kilometres long signalled disaster.
Thomson Reuters
Ethiopia: risk sensitive budget review cover
This report provides information on the estimated amount of national DRR and CCA expenditures from both internal and external sources. Employing a risk-sensitive budget review (RSBR) methodology
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction