NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

Oil refinery as seen from a river, USA.
Adapting to climate change and managing the risks of natural and technological hazards in transboundary basins has become critical, as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events are on the rise in the wake of the changing climate.
Ukraine will become a Party to the Convention on the ninetieth day after the date of deposit of its instrument of accession with the UN Secretary-General in New York.
Exposure to toxic floodwaters can have life-threatening health effects on those living near the affected chemical plant. Some private law mechanisms have been implemented to prevent such incidents from happening as well as to protect people at risk.
Coal ash in water
Coal based thermal power plants belch out large volumes of fly ash. INSWAREB is showcasing its technologies in this event so that needy countries could adopt and practice them in order to prevent ash based disasters.
Cover of the article
The article reviews the current state of risk management, emergency response, and risk communication on chemical and Natech risk management in the two countries, and discusses some issues of the current chemical risk management that require improvement.
To improve the EUs preparedness and response to public health risks such as chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats, the Commission is building up strategic reserves of response capacities through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.
Mining tailing ponds
The Working Group on Tailings Safety and the Prevention of Accidental Water Pollution (IIWG) in Kazakhstan has held the first comprehensive dialogue on these issues between all relevant stakeholders and national authorities in the country.