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This study was guided by two objectives, namely, (1) to map the landslide risk for households of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and (2) to investigate the disability type that is perceived to be most affected by landslides.
Miguel Angel Trejo-Rangel Victor Marchezini Daniel Messias dos Santos Marina Gabos Medeiros José Carlos Luzia Rodrigues
Between 2000 and 2018, Brazil was hit by 65 flood-related disasters, representing close to 71% of disasters recorded. They were also the deadliest – causing 2,435 fatalities out of a total of 2,767.
The haphazard development of roads and railways without proper study of the soil, has led to disaster, they add
International School on Landslide Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Salerno, Italy
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This contributing paper presents the results of a project implemented to assess the systemic risks of floods and landslides in selected river basins by integrating climate change projections into risk assessments.
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The purpose of this contributing paper is to demonstrate scalable and replicable methods to advance and integrate the use of Earth observations to support risk-informed decision making, based on documented national and subnational needs and requirements.
Landslide on a mountain road, Philippines
Four months after PhilAWARE was handed over to the Philippines Office of Civil Defense (OCD), the national early warning system was put to the test a second time—and passed.
Amir Beg Khusrawi still has vivid memories of a flash flood that swept through his village in Afghanistan’s rugged northeast a decade ago.
Members of Baduy community must strictly follow the pikukuh when constructing a house.
As a disaster-prone country, Indonesia has long been familiar with natural hazards. Even before advanced technology arrived, our Indonesian ancestors developed their own ways to prevent and mitigate disasters – and to live in harmony with natural hazards.
Areal view of rice terraces in the jungle in Indonesia.
Indonesia is familiar with various kinds of hazard. As it is located within the ring of fire, it faces a constant risk of earthquakes and tsunamis. Heavy rainfalls persist for almost half of the year, provoking risks of floods and landslides.