Insect Infestation

Samburu landscape viewed through swarm of invasive, destructive Desert Locusts.
Somalia has opened the National Desert Locust Monitoring and Control Centre in Somalia. The Centre, which opened on 3 November 2021 in Qardho, will not only serve Puntland but will also act as the National Desert Locust Early Warning and Control base.
A new CABI-led study has sought to set out a framework and method for assessing the performance and responsiveness of an invasive species system.
Ces insectes constituent donc une menace pour les cultivateurs et par ricochet sur la capacité d'une population a se nourrir correctement et de façon durable. Il faut trouver des alternatives efficace pour palier cette menace.
The economic costs of fall armyworm invasions are high. This year alone they have preyed upon millions of acres of crops, hayfields, lawns and turfgrass. Insecticide applications cost farmers, homeowners and businesses tens of millions of dollars.
Locust in Yemen
Yemen is a key desert locust breeding ground, where swarms develop in several locations throughout the year and then disperse across the country and region, affecting the food security and livelihoods of tens of millions of people.
The aim of these guidelines is to help national plant protection organizations (NPPOs) to take suitable actions at the proper time against Fall Armyworm (FAW) through timely detection to prevent or slow the spread of the pest and reduce its negative impact.
Maize remains a crucial part of the food security equation in Southern Africa and other sub-regions on the continent for both human and animal consumption. Close to 90 percent of approximately 347 million people in Southern Africa are dependent on maize
Rein Paulsen
The way humanitarian aid has functioned for decades is as a response. But there is a better way to respond; a way that is more supportive of vulnerable households, more financially effective, and, more logistically efficient.

This report explains that disaster events are only the tip of the iceberg, by highlighting how these events are interconnected with each other, with other larger processes, as well as with our action or inaction. They can lead to future disasters or will

Pest in the barley
A mobile phone app will support farmers across Africa to adopt environmentally friendly ways of protecting their crops from pests.