The state's new budget includes historic funding for flood resilience. Leaders at the local and state level are looking to projects and designs that harness the ability of nature to absorb and capture stormwater.
A Bangladeshi man counts money on hand
A quantitative study on anticipatory actions taken in 2020 confirms several positive effects, but also shows some unexpected results.
Commuters wade knee deep floods in Jakarta, Indonesia
The policy director of the UN agency that coordinates international humanitarian relief efforts called for ‘transformational shifts’ in thinking and action at the climate summit in Glasgow.
From floodplain identification to flood hazard map to availability of rain gauges, CAG report points out shortcomings in Kerala’s flood response.
‘We still have floods and cyclones that cause a lot of damage, but we don’t lose lives.’
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A man brings food aid packs out of a warehouse in Gambela, Ethiopia
Extreme weather, rising seas and hotter temperatures are increasingly affecting farmers and their harvests. What needs to change - and what could help?
This image shows cows on flooded farmland.
When an atmospheric river hit British Columbia in mid-November, it unleashed record-breaking rainfall triggering devastating floods and mudslides. The provincial government declared a state of emergency on Nov. 17, activating evacuation orders for several communities.
Airview above a lake with houses
Calgary and many other cities, including Montréal, Vancouver, Myrtle Beach and Houston, continue to build houses in areas that hydrologists and engineers have designated as being high-risk for flooding.
Stretched beyond their lifespans by overdevelopment and population growth, these so-called combined sewer systems altogether spilled 850 billion gallons of raw sewage into the open waters in 2004 alone, the last time the federal government estimated it.