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Some common air pollutants, such as ground-level ozone, are associated with more severe outcomes after SARS-CoV-2 infection, including admission to the intensive care unit (ICU), according to new research in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal).
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This study proposes an integrated geographic information systems (GIS)-based framework to combine different health system indicators with socio-economic conditions of communities to assess the vulnerability to COVID-19 like health emergency situations.
This issue highlights the adverse impacts of the pandemic on the education sector. It is estimated that, the Covid-19 pandemic has battered education systems around the world, affecting close to 90 per cent of the world's student population.
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This contributing paper proposes a new typology of an adaptation strategy – conversion strategy – as a countermeasure to manage risks in interconnected supply chains in the private sector during the pandemic.
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This brief discusses two principles that can help understand why this pandemic is not at an end despite the boon of vaccines, and why humankind is unprepared for the next pandemic.
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This contributing paper paper offers an analysis of the global COVID-19 experience and stepwise implementing consequences which will require a long-term effort involving scientists, decision-makers, and many more.
AN African woman wearing a face mask to protect her from COVID-19. She is walking across a market.
As world leaders are traveling to Bali to meet at the Global Platform for DRR 2022 and discuss how to better prevent and reduce current and future risks, the UNU-EHS and UNDRR have launched the new report “Rethinking Risks in Times of COVID-19.”
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This contributing paper examines access to emergency and related information during the COVID-19 pandemic as a crucial human security issue. 
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This paper summarises the Argonne National Laboratory research team’s efforts in conducting these assessments to support local public health interventions in the City of Chicago, and the potential applications for communities throughout the world. 
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This report highlights case studies and lessons learned from 20 countries during COVID-19. The evidence shows the need for investments in gender equality in health systems to prepare for and respond to the next pandemic.