Today last year became the 3rd driest year on record for northern California, in terms of precipitation. Should people anticipate a dry or a wet year overall for water year 2022?
Commuters wade knee deep floods in Jakarta, Indonesia
The policy director of the UN agency that coordinates international humanitarian relief efforts called for ‘transformational shifts’ in thinking and action at the climate summit in Glasgow.
A two-year drought is forcing California to “dramatically curtail water delivery next year” to 27 million of the state’s residents and 750,000 acres/300,000 hectares of farmland, Bloomberg reports.
A man brings food aid packs out of a warehouse in Gambela, Ethiopia
Extreme weather, rising seas and hotter temperatures are increasingly affecting farmers and their harvests. What needs to change - and what could help?
The Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund is supporting farmers and regions in Queensland with two programs rolling out now will help give farmers and regional communities the tools and capabilities they need to build drought resilience.
Widespread poverty, lack of irrigation, deforestation and COVID-19 restrictions are having a bigger effect than global warming, scientists say.
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The present study explores and evaluates the potential of using a combined drought index (CDI) based on precipitation (PDI), temperature (TDI), and vegetation (VDI) drought indices, to characterize drought variability and trends in Jordan based on 1-, 2-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month timescales.
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This study highlights the urgent need for a monitoring program to investigate local and national drought impacts on all sectors, as well as the development of a set of proactive risk management measures and preparedness plans for various physiographic regions.
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The objective of this research is to generate a drought vulnerability map with an emphasis on the severity and probability of drought occurrence and to propose adaption measures based on groundwater sector impact chain analysis.
As Pacific braces for rainfall Tuvalu battles drought, the Fiji military pivots from the pandemic to preparing for disaster, and the latest approaches to taking the disaster preparedness message to the people of the Pacific.