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This report analyses the knowledge, attitude and practice of residents of Karachi, Pakistan in relation to managing extreme heat.
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Aerial view of the Indus river and valley, Karakoram, Pakistan
Across the Hindu Kush Himalayas, communities have been suffering the impacts of climate change, especially in the last two decades. In Ghizer alone, thousands of residents have experienced flash floods and landslides that destroy roads, farms and homes.
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Talking about who is responsible for climate change is a fraught debate – even more so when it comes to who ought to pay for the damage it causes.
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This handbook provides an overview of natural hazards, climate change susceptibility, disaster management and response in Pakistan. It provides an analysis of government disaster plans and policies and community preparedness.

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Center for Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance

This publication provides an overview of climate risk for Pakistan. Pakistan is characterized by diverse topography, ecosystems, and climate zones. Rich in natural resources, including fertile agricultural lands, natural gas reserves, and mineral deposits

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