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This study assesses the impact of climate change on urban home-based workers in South Asia focussing on women home-based workers living in slums and informal settlements in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.
HomeNet South Asia
With the support from the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations and the Danish Red Cross, the NRCS has been working to strengthen the government’s and the NRCS District and Sub-chapters’ response capacities.
Nepal Red Cross Society
Handbook on Owner driven housing reconstruction
This Handbook is designed to serve as a guide for those tasked with responding to post-disaster housing reconstruction using an owner-driven housing reconstruction (ODHR) approach. It details the various processes, tasks and interventions involved in designing and managing ODHR programmes.
United Nations Development Programme - Headquarters

DRR Community in Nepal

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This publication comprehensively synthesizes climate characteristics and projections, vulnerability to natural hazards, sectoral climate change impacts, and adaptation priorities in Nepal. It outlines rapid onset and long-term changes in key climate

World Bank, the Asian Development Bank