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The walls of Bagerhat's sixty dome mosque are smudged white by the saline air
Archaeological sites such as those in the Mosque City of Bagerhat on the coast of the country are particularly vulnerable to climate change.
The Third Pole
Floods are a recurring phenomenon in Bangladesh and the adjoining state of Assam, India. With increasing temperatures, South Asia will take the brunt of heavy precipitation, followed by agricultural drought and hot temperatures.
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Cover Stories of Climate Change
'Everyday Stories of Climate Change', is a comic that threads together qualitative research about low-income families' experiences and adaptation to climate change across five countries.
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Sendai Focal PointMinistry of Disaster and Relief

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In Bangladesh’s current context of development spree, it is very important to formulate and implement development plans taking into consideration the disaster risk management factors. With that aim, disaster risk management has been incorporated into all

Bangladesh - government

The Bangladesh Standing Orders were prepared with the objective of making the concerned persons understand their duties and responsibilities regarding disaster management at all levels, and accomplishing them. All Bangladesh Ministries, Divisions

Bangladesh - government

This plan is an outcome of the national and international commitments of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and the Disaster Management and Relief Division (DM&RD) for addressing the disaster risks comprehensively. It has been developed on the basis of

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This atlas aims to promote the sustainable development of Bangladesh’s agriculture and water resources sectors and their various components, by enhancing the understanding of stakeholders.
Asian Development Bank
Coverpage of "Hotter and more humid with erratic rainfall: Climate change in Bangladesh"
This paper discusses climate change in Bangladesh, as the country is getting hotter and more humid with erratic rainfall. Bangladesh is associated with having six seasons; however, the distinct features of these seasons are becoming increasingly blurred.
World Bank, the