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This study performs an economic efficiency and equity analysis of an Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction and resilience enhancement intervention in Haiti using a Cost-Benefit Analysis to compare implementation costs with observed and future benefits.
University of Massachusetts Amherst
The World Bank's Board of Executive Directors approved today a grant financing of US$120 million for the Haiti Resilient Connectivity and Urban Transport Accessibility Project.
World Bank, the
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A new toolkit aims to realize the potential of Earth observations (EO) to contribute to disaster risk reduction and management.
Group on Earth Observations

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Sendai Focal PointDirection de la Protection Civile (Haiti)

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Le Plan national de gestion des risques de désastre 2019 - 2030 est décliné en quatre axes stratégiques, qui s’alignent sur le Cadre de Sendai dont les priorités d’action sont : (i) l’amélioration de la connaissance des risques de catastrophe, (ii) le

Haiti - government
The Action Plan for National Recovery and Development was initiated after the devasting earthquake that struck Haiti on 12 January 2010. The plan is divided into two phases. The first is in the immediate future, which lasts 18 months and covers the end of the emergency period and includes preparation for projects to generate genuine renewal. It aims to relaunch economic, governmental, and social activity, reduce Haiti’s vulnerability to natural disasters, and put Haiti back on the road to development. The second stage has a time horizon of ten years, allowing it to take into account three programming cycles of the National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction.
Haiti - government
This document presents the functioning of Haiti’s government agencies responsible for disaster risk management and recovery. It describes the planning process and measures to be taken related to logistics, environment protection, security, evacuation, fire fighting, health services, reconstruction and rehabilitation.
Haiti - government

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The Country Document for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) presents a 2016 analysis of the current status of DRR in Haiti and is written and published in French.
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction – Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean Haiti - government
The preparation of this National Progress Report has been undertaken within the framework of the biennial 2011-13 HFA Monitoring and Progress Review process, facilitated by UNISDR and the ISDR partnership.
Ministère de l'Interieur, des Collectivités Territoriales et de la Sécurité Nationale