Forecast-based financing


An innovative approach to release funds for disaster preparedness and response according to predefined triggers before a crisis occurs.

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This research aimed to synthesize knowledge about anticipatory action for drought, highlight major questions, and propose pathways to develop forecast-based programmes.
British Red Cross French Red Cross Red Cross / Red Crescent Climate Centre
In this forward looking brief, the authors have explored the potential questions and areas of exploration that require further research in order to understand the feasibility of integrating FbA and SP
Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience
Forecast-based Financing in Eastern Africa
This brochure is specifically focused on how the FbF approach in eastern Africa is enabling risk-informed systems to reduce increasing food insecurity due to extreme weather and climate events.
World Food Programme
Sandbags positioned on a road to protect against floods
Researchers developed a method to assign a flash flood confidence index for each event in an historical flood dataset, based on ‘text mining’ of disaster reports and a flash flood susceptibility index extracted from the location of the events.
Anticipation Hub
The city of Lira in Uganda affected by floods
Uganda was one of the nations who first pioneered Forecast-based Financing (FbF).
Anticipation Hub
Rein Paulsen
The way humanitarian aid has functioned for decades is as a response. But there is a better way to respond; a way that is more supportive of vulnerable households, more financially effective, and, more logistically efficient.